Wealth Management

Wealth management is the consultative process of meeting the wants and needs of high-net worth clients by providing them with the appropriate investment services and products. It is a high-level professional service that combines several financial services together into one approach. It requires a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals to protect, preserve and grow client’s wealth. 

Below are four reasons stating the importance of wealth management:

  • A Holistic Approach – Wealth management is more than just selling products and giving suggestions, because it can encompass all dimension of a client’s financial life. An investor will benefit from a holistic approach that brings together several services to meet their specific financial goals. It helps in getting rid of integrating different pieces of financial advice from different sources.
  • It is based on Client’s Goals – As we know that change in financial situation leads to change in financial objectives. A wealth manager continuously engages with client to evaluate any change in financial situation, update their goals (if required), and help client’s in reviewing and re-balances their investment portfolio.
  • Help’s Maintain Wealth – Wealth management service can help in maintaining client’s wealth and assist them in meeting their specific financial objectives. For Example – may wealth management solutions are tailored for particular clients. These solutions take into account a client’s risk appetite, current situation, future goals, current wealth and many other such factors.
  • It Can Help With Wealth Transfer – It is especially important for high-net worth individuals to proactively plan for wealth transfer. Wealth management includes estate planning. A wealth manager can help a client preserve their wealth and minimize fees and taxes. They will try to ensure that a client’s wealth is distributed according to their wishes.

At FinYatra we suggest and implement unique / customized solutions to help clients protect, preserve and grow their wealth. We have expertise in providing wealth management service, asset management service and other financial service to high net-worth individual / families. 

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