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At our organisation, we are looking to disrupt personal finance space by providing research based unbiased opinion. We started this company to resolve an ever-growing pain in the market which is to get correct financial advice customized only for you.

We named it FinYatra!

We believe that personal finance is a journey and we want to be a part of your journey through all ups & downs. We have all the necessary credentials and experience to help our clients at any stage of financial journey.

At FinYatra, we believe in competence, commitment & communication. We maintain our competence by our endeavor for constant learning, give commitment only that can be achieved by our team and communicate transparently to set the right expectation.

Our Core founding team doesn’t believe in concept of start ups burning cash just to become ash in future. We believe in matured business generating wealth for all its stakeholders. 

Our mantra is to maintain uncompromising integrity, trust, transparency in communication and offer personalized service . We believe that each individual and their family have unique requirements. This can be only fulfilled through tailored made solutions which are based on Financial Goals, Risk Profile & Asset Allocation.

Remember – “Smart Investment Decision will Impact the Quality of Your Life”

So what are you  waiting for? Lets start this journey together!


To grow as a trusted partner in providing research based unbiased opinion and investment solutions (based on Goals, Risk Profile & Asset Allocation) to give clients the confidence to pursue their own aspirations.


To be a trusted partner of our clients and navigate them through their Goal Based Investment journey by assisting them in making smart investment choices throughout their Financial Yatra ( Journey).


We build trust by delivering on our commitments. Our believe is to maintain uncompromising integrity, responsibility, transparency in communication, commitment and accountability. 

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