Goal Based Planning

All of us require a sound planing for our investments! Many of us feel the requirement, but we recognize the same when our investments are not yielding the desired results or there are doubts regarding resources available to fund your financial goals.

What is Goal Based Planning? How dose it helps us in managing our investments?

Goal Based Planning is the process of creating a blueprint to reach your future life goals. Every individual / family is different in terms of demographic, needs, income, expense, lifestyle etc., but everyone has few important dreams for themselves and their family which require financial resources to get them fulfilled. The process of creating a Goal Based blueprint is a scientific way of creating a road-map to achieve your life goals (Retirement, Kid’s Education, Dream House, Wealth Creation, etc..) by channelizing your income and saving in a proper way.

Well crafted Goal Based Plan converts your dreams and aspirations into the goals and goals into reality!

Apart from retirement and child’s future there are many other dreams / aspirations in our life which requires proper planning to ensure the successful achievement. Many other important dreams which may require the considerable amount of money to be spent on, also need to be planned well. A few of them are:

  • Buying Home
  • Buying a Car
  • World tour with family
  • Starting a Business
  • Wealth Creation and Protection

There are many other dreams which are not listed above but may need the considerable amount of money in future. Creating a well crafted plan is the first step towards converting your dreams into the goals and then into the reality in future.

At FinYatra we help you to identify your dreams / aspirations and converting those dreams into goals (along with the proper investment plan) to accumulate the desired investment required to fund you goals

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