Our Philosophy

FinYatra believes that Goal Based Investments Planning is is the foundation for helping our clients make a sound financial decision that enable their financial goals to be met. A client’s investment need and requirements should not be considered as a means to sell financial products. Rather, investment products should be opted based on a framework which takes into account risk adjusted returns, liquidity, goals, risk profile and asset allocation. We will strive to educate investors that:

  • There are many product distributors who label themselves as investment advisors / financial planners and recommend investment strategies to you. While an investment strategy is one of the component of financial plan, making recommendations on products and asset allocation is not investment planning. For Example – the most suited product or asset allocation will mean nothing, if your investments are wiped out due to in adequate insurance coverage.
  • Goal Based Investment Planning requires – Depth of Knowledge as most financial decisions are inter-connected, it is important to have expertise in handling financial decisions. Advisors who are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) tend to have the most extensive background and be the most qualified among all financial planning professionals.
  • Planning is is an ongoing process and an advisor should be proactive in helping you attain your financial goals. For Example – as mortgage / loan rates decline, a knowledgeable firm will know whether a client should consider refinancing their mortgage / loan and will proactively approach the client to do so.

Goal Based Investment Planning is designed to increase the likelihood that you will achieve your financial goals.

Our aim is to provide you with end-to-end investment solution and services under one roof!

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