Investment Research

Investment research is an extensive and meticulous process where investor needs are considered to analyze different prospects from different dimensions and make calculated assumptions to finally determine whether investing in a particular option is right for you. When analyzing a prospect, do not just look at one aspect (historical performance). It is not wise to judge anything at face value, without considering the context and multiple facets that are intrinsic to its nature. Therefore, any investment decision must be determined through a comprehensive and carefully conducted Investment Research Process.

Investment research is based on three fundamental aspects:

  • Environmental Analysis – In this step, the current micro and macro environment along with the factors that influence it are identified, studied and analyzed. Political environment, as well as economic trends and developments also play a big role in how markets perform.
  • Asset Allocation – It is the second part of the process. A series of calculations are used to ascertain where your resources are most likely to perform successfully. The goals and aims out of your investment are considered, and your portfolio is tailored accordingly.
  • Investment Selection – It is the final step, where specifics come into play.  Now that a decision has been made on optimal avenues for your investments, specific investment options can be selected by evaluating different products.

FinYatra’s team conducts in-house investment research, from macroeconomic evaluation to security selection and portfolio construction. Our team continuously evaluates all types of investment options across many asset classes, including Insurance, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Saving Schemes, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS), Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) and Real Estate Fund.

In conducting investment evaluation, our team utilize a proprietary methodology and screening process to help identify investments and managers among the hundreds of thousands of investment options spanning multiple asset classes to compare available investment options across the market today. Our proprietary scoring process examines investment managers (in specific asset classes) relative to their peers based on a wide range of quantitative and qualitative factors. This enables us to identify consistent, cost effective investment options within a specific asset class.

The asset allocation process is an ongoing review and assessment of the current macro and micro economic environment. We combine this research with additional fundamental, asset class, regional and sector based views in order to understand the broad backdrop of domestic and global economy. This helps us in suggesting our viewpoints based on the investment strategies and internal guidelines.

Each investment strategy seeks to meet different objectives and provide different levels of risk!

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